Turbos and Pistonz !!

» About us «

Foundations of Turbos and Pistonz were laid when a team of three auto-enthusiats ( Note: Not geniues ) came together to formulate a platform for better knowledge sharing and meeting to everyone interested to gain and spread what they know.

Thus with that clear in our mind Facebook page was setup on 24/03/2010. Which withnessed the joining of like minded people and other elements for the cause of knowledge sharing and distribution of the same. Solutions to queries posted were provided by various Family members ( all those associated with TnP are addressed as Family Members for they are no less than a family to us. )

The pic you see on the Left was the first pic to be uploaded on our Facebook Page and the story still continues. Some of our vetrans know of our developments who have been with us since start. Some have also ventured to become an integral part of our Team ( term which will be introduced a bit later in due time. )
The journey has been tough and full of challenges as the expectations of TnP increased we felt the responsibilty of delivering them ( so feel free to contact us and convey the same to us from time to time ). We are always open to our Family members opinions, bring to us, if we like it we will bring to the masses, for you by us.

The Team

Team signifies the efforts of those who take out time from their busy life schedules to keep Turbos and Pistonz running full-time 24x7x365.

» Sham

The one who releazied that instead of simply idling around, why not facilitate the knowledge flow in a better fashion and rang a few bells and got the ball rolling. He is the Big Brother of the Team :) .