The Bullet Always Tells the Truth & Thar Fires it!

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The Bullet Always Tells the Truth & Thar Fires it!

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Mahindra Thar -My First Drive Experience :
We are not in a war zone nor we want one- but remember this machine or mini-war tank here has an indirect connection with willy's CJ used in wars which helped the military commute in war conditions where unexpected situations are expected-extreme conditions where the soldiers, guns, bullets bombs and machines go hand-hand.. imagine the recoil of the impact of a gun, attitude and ability to go anywhere, facing everything, and attacking. It's not a comfort zone but someone has to do it to protect the country! and remember all these soldiers have families, that's the other side the softer side...the emotional side.. the human side.

So now that we have tasted a little bit of war zone and human side of, i guess it becomes easy to see this mini war tank with those eyes and vision and understand what its made off and what its made for and how and where from the SUVs(ladder frame) have come into existence- which is not a comfort zone but they are built to last- sustain the torture-resulting a slight unsettledness- its DNA
its made for those who could take the recoil of the guns- if you are first time shooter its scary eventually you enjoy the recoil- similarly is the case of ride quality in Thar 2020- yes it unsettles in bad patches but does not break your spine-it is comfortable for the most part, its not that disturbing from my short drive experience, its jus minor probably 10% and i wont blame Thar for it(how about govt. having some good roads :) ) the DNA of old school ladder frame is to sustain torture, so Thar-2020 is doing its job and when it does, passengers would feel that a bit- which is natural

You don't buy a gun and then complain about recoil isn't it?

Automatic Gearbox and Engine performance - its a torque converter, I can feel the shifts takes their time and can hear the engine growls, I felt something was missing could not feel the entire torque when I hit the gas pedal- not that I felt lack of it there is enough torque, may be i didn't push hard, manual was more torqy but AT convenience cant is replaced- and yes dead pedal is must, which is missing.

Performance : well this is smoothest/silent diesel engine i ever driven- may be that's why Mahindra did not put any kind of padding under bonnet. Surprisingly its silent than FCA engine. The power/torque is available all through in automatic i felt there was slight 1-2 sec lag- manual was screaming torque from the time you release clutch

Steering- it has its own mind at times, i could feel the very very light vibration at idle, can feel the turn the moment i make the turn but with a 2-3 sec delay, does it bother ?- not entirely because i was so busy so much involved in that high rise view i am getting from driver seat that i just want to look forward and move on with the feeling it provides me that i am up for something important today!!

Brakes : with front disk and rear drum - there is always a feeling - need more force to stop this war mini tank - is it scary - a little but nothing which will make my heart fail

Dynamics : I never felt like it will throw me out, i did take couple of sharp turns not extreme, but yes i wish it could give me more connected feeling and may be that is a too much of ask from the ladder frame 4x4 at this cost.

Modern day features and safety- its 2020 and comes with all the essential technological features from touch screen, real time adventure stats, ABS EBD and Dual Airbags as standard with Crash Resistant Structure along with ESP,Traction Control,Hill Decent Control,Hill Hold Assist makes the Thar more stable and safe than previous generation.
rear seat.jpg
View from rear seat window :

Rear seat comfort- getting inside the wide rear seats is like going into some bunker, its not easy but once you are in - you feel safe, its much wider and comfortable. Nothing that i could complain(unsure about long rides) - but what i was sure, when i hold the grab strap and looked out from that large closed windows i had sense of feeling that am i a diplomat going for Nation talks to make peace! may be Mahindra should come up with some innovation to make entry to rear seats- may be a complete flat foldable seat in front or something like that- a 4 door option is nothing like it but then due to our great country’s rule for cars more than 4 meters will have more taxes that would add up to additional cost

I felt that a arm rest would allow me to relax more- even driver does not have one.

Interiors : I think this is the best interiors Mahindra had until now- thank god they kept all black, minimal no non-sense jus pure involvement of driving!
Exterior: You can stand in front of it all day and just watch it and don't get bored- end of the day you want to take it home even if you don't want to drive you still want one!
High way drive dynamics : After riding on highway, some bad patches, some really twisty road - amazed with the comfort i did not felt any thing transferred to passengers for SUV with this height its doing a amazing job, its jus that because of the height it bounces a very little bit in really bad patch of roads but its nothing i could complain about- Twisty Road- : I came across a deep twist of half circle so i drove as usual but at a deep turn it was scary for a second, felt like my heart will fall off - but once i slow down it went normal- i believe due to ride height this is natural so in twisty roads need to cut it smoothly- otherwise in traffic i have cut the cars and over taken nicely no issues. Speed and handling - achieving triple digit speed is breeze but anything beyond 120KMPH you can feel that its not safe- which is good in today's world and speed restrictions- and to compensate that -own the road view- from the driver seat is enough
The bullet always tells the truth-- and Thar fires it- so be it :

every drive in #Thar is like the bullets fired from the gun, you cut the traffic, it bites the bad patches you can feel the bite a bit and glides the good ones which puts a smile on your face when you want to go off road- its DNA its goes all in and am sure- just look at it- you get that respect on road that silent salute from the crowd.

Other side of story : when am off the Thar and had to part from it i felt what just happened- i felt those bad patches and felt some unsettledness is this what i will be able to drive everyday ? then i immediately driven a new harrier automatic - it felt more luxurious, more comfortable to extent of pampering, good dynamics and plenty of space like a 2 bhk flat then i sat in rear seat which has a separate entry with its own doors -despite all these comforts i felt its just another everyday car the usual stuff- the routine grind- office-home-groceries-weekend gateway-family get togethers etc- its not giving me that recoil affect that bullet which gets fired- that high rise view and the feeling of i am doing something important today from driver seat- and that bunker affect rear seat feeling like a diplomat to make peace!

Anand Mahindra #anandmahindra I salute and I wish : I salute to Mahindra for making #Thar 2020- and making India pride-while Thar has come a long way from war zone to fit the modern day by still retaining its DNA-

i wish they add

Arm rest to driver and rear passengers.
make the steering bit more connected
Let the brakes bite more
Ability load a luggage carrier on roof or options for luggage carrier
let the rear windows open a bit
At least for #Thar- #indiangovt Nirmala Sitharaman Nitin Gadkari should cut some taxes give some tax benefits so the pride is more accessible and patriotism spreads more!

For all those who are figuring out between off-road and family road that is wrong approach, instead - make your choice - the routine grind or the unusual adventure grind-

Some interesting things :

>Did you know Thar engine makes less noise than a FCA engine- feels smoother too
>There is no other car in this price range which is automatic and full 4x4 - with option of no roof(forget panoramic roof)
>Until now many of us did not thought putting money on cross overs claiming to be SUVs which are built on hatch back platform- insulting the term but here is the actual SUV - everyone is still thinking about trying to find some justification.
>If you are one of those who want to balance family the routine grind and unusual grind- here is my take- - Thar AT cost 17 lakhs use this for your unusual grind and take a hatch back either pre-owned or new would cost between 5-7 lakh for the usual grind, if you can afford both- and just take the pride- if you already own a car then you are lucky! keep it and buy a Thar!-earn the respect!
>If its your first car and have family of 4 with Sr citizens then - Thar is not practical for you! unless you want to trouble the Sr. going into bunker and they kind of like it that way.

oh! weekend tours ? well unless its officially confirmed that roof rack can be mounted- you have to follow minimalism for luggage and ride comfort in long rides i cannot comment as this was short drive-

-shravan9 Shravan Srimushnam
Thanks to Srinivas & Prasad Vvc Motors Pvt Ltd
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