Mayapuri - Junkyard for Others - Goldmine for Us !

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Mayapuri - Junkyard for Others - Goldmine for Us !

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I have heard alot about the place, but somehow never had the pics to describe it, that is probably cause who so ever visits it for the first time doesn't want to " try " to portray themselves as noobs to the place.

I for some wired reason decided to walk to Mayapuri Industrial Area Phase II from Rajouri metro Station. <- Yes you heard that that right !

I find walking the best solution when I have to do Brainstroming especially for the reason I am planning to visit Mayapuri is considered Wastage by everyone. ( Will Post its Link Soon )

MG Road - Tilak Nagar ( I got down at Rajouri for I knew Rajouri ;) )
Mode of Transport - METRO
Metro.png (389.69 KiB) Viewed 4476 times
Metro - Mayapuri shouldn't take more than 8mins unless you plan to walk all the route like me :P
Metro-Mayapuri.png (167.11 KiB) Viewed 4476 times
I wandered around the route, entered Mayapuri Phase 1 first, then after than eventually entered the Junk Market.
BTW: You can find everything Metal in this place. From Ship Anchors to Huge on floor height bearings.

Tip: Best people to ask directions - Police ;) and how they Give Directions is amazing :P
" Sidhe Jao age Chownki se Andar ho jana " ( Go straight and then take in from Police Station ).

Direction Tip if you are coming from ORR Side
After New Era School , cross the Red Light, on the Left would be a Kulcha Wala and Khalsa Hotel/Restaurant. You can take this immediate left or take the Left which is immediately opp the Indraprasta Gas Station ( keep going straight at the Dead end is Pali ).

Okay Their are two main Jeep/Gypsy Dealers who have Auctioned ones and they can sell you the " Bandh " cars while others will just sell the prepared ones.
1)Padam Motors
2)Pali Motors

Padma Motors I couldn't locate ( and I am dead sure I crossed it n number of times ) for it shop number is W-25 and I located W17, W18 , W19B but not W-25

Pali Motors Location is as below
Pali.png (98.93 KiB) Viewed 4476 times
Few more Snippets : I found the Mayapuri People on the whole very nice and helpful. I was first worried to even ask for direction when inside Mayapuri but otherwise. Being a Sikh ( won't use the term Surd here ) as was delighted to see proper Sikhs in the Market, and hear Punjabi from their mouth else the 2nd Gen of Delhi speaks Hindi which I personally don't like. The person who guided me gave me proper direction.
But But But, the Jeep Market people are their to Thug you. so be VERY VERY VERY CAREFULL

Just to give an Idea of how rich these Guys are :-
It is parked on Foothpath incase you didn't notice
J-asneet S-ingh K-andhari
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