Money Saving Tips For Maintaining Cars

There are no Shortcuts to Driving; but surely some tips and tricks help you out in times of emergencies and needs :D
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Money Saving Tips For Maintaining Cars

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All of us love driving cars and riding bikes, but the costs associated with the vehicle is quite high and can at times become unaffordable. There are many steps we can take to ensure that our vehicles don’t become a cost center for us. Some are the obvious, while others are not so obvious. New or used car, old or new, petrol or diesel, self-driven or chauffer driven, you need to follow the points below to ensure you don’t end up spending too much on living with your car.

Maintenance – It is imperative that you maintain your car well, because a well maintained car will give you years of service, without troubling you ever.

Servicing – There are two ways to follow your service schedule. Either by time (example 6 months) or by running (example 10,000 kms). Either way both are fine and can be used but one needs to stick to one of the schedule (either time or running). One also needs to fix one service outlet for all the services. This has two major advantages. One is that you get to know the people who service your car and they know the problems you have faced and are in a better position to quickly adapt to your needs. The other is that if anything goes wrong (in terms of servicing), you know whom to catch by the neck.

Car Insurance – Another important, yet widely ignored part of a car. This is the service which is compulsory for all but many are quite casual about it. Car insurance is something which gives you a peaceful night of sleep, when you park your car on the street. (Do Choose Them Wisely according to your requirements.)

Fuel – The most frequent need of a car is fuel. Its available almost everywhere but you will be surprised to know how many actually offer pure fuel. Make sure you get yourself attached to one fuel bunk and only re-fuel from that outlet. This again has two advantages. One is that the people know you and are more courteous. While the other is that if during servicing you find out that the vehicle has its injectors clogged due to unadulterated fuel, you know whom to blame.
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