Lapcare Car Power Inverter

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Lapcare Car Power Inverter

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New Delhi, November 21, 2013:
Lapcare India, popular for its laptop peripherals and accessories for all premium brands of laptops, announced the launch of LAPCARE INVERTERS (car)— a light- weight and compact power inverter that runs on car battery for Rs.1,499.

This unique power inverter is provided with a cooling fan and universal socket, and has a low voltage shut down. Having an auto overload protection, it also features reverse polarity protection by fuse. Providing with 150W continuous power, it is extremely light- weight, weighing only 180 grams.

On the occasion, Ms. Barkha Bosman, Marketing Head, Lapcare India, said,
“We are proud to announce the launch of our latest Car Power Inverter. It is especially meant for people on the move, who need to keep their gadgets charged all the time. Easy to carry and easier to charge, this power inverter operates from 12 V DC current, supplied by your car battery. So when you travel, there are no battery emergencies! Simply run by plugging it to your car battery and charge any electronic gadget any given point of time. From car monitors to DVDs, digital cameras, handy cams to video games and game consoles, everything can be revived by charging with the power inverter.”

“This DC to AC inverter enables you to run and recharge your electronic gadgets without any breaks at all. It is extremely handy especially for laptops and mobile phones when you have important commitments to meet and the battery has drained out. This inverter has been introduced keeping in mind the various needs of people today, who love to travel and explore. Not only this, since it runs on car battery, it is a great energy saver too!”
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