UM Lohia Pre-Debut Discussion - Cruisers First ;)

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UM Lohia Pre-Debut Discussion - Cruisers First ;)

Postby jskandhari » Tue Feb 24, 2015 5:44 pm

As we are aware that UM has gone in a 50-50 JV partnership with Lohia, to manufacture Bikes at Lohia Kashipur, Uttarkhad facility, having an optimum production output of 1,00,000 units per year & with production expected to start towards the end of Q1 of 2015. We interacted with Rajeev, to get more insights on the upcoming UM range and the curiosity surrounding it.
Cruisers will be the first to come in India, that being said the Cruisers provided in India will be different than the Global models, UML is targeting India & like markets in the South east Asian continent region. As stated in earlier engagements with UML, they will be looking at 300-500cc range first for the Indian market with its efficient and reliable engines.

The company is having optimistic targets of achieving 4%-6% market share at the end of an year.

UML is targeting audience which is aware about the products, and not the generic all masses per-se i.e. they are looking for biking enthusiast who seek thrill & are passionate about driving, for whom Bike is an extension of their personality, a substance of utility and gives them freedom. Hence, UML is going to take the non traditional route by reaching out to this target audience directly. They tend to reach them through events, electronic media & social media. Simply put exactly where they are found & when they are found.

The models being launched in Indian market will be for the regional markets as well. i.e. UML will be catering to all the markets in this side of the continent where it has its presence and then beyond. UM has alot of confidence in this partnership. Basically where-ever their is presence of Bajaj, Honda & Yamaha UM wants its presence to be felt.

Many have taken this route of customizing there product line to suit India & like markets. Remember the announcement of Street series by Harley to tap into more segments.

Harley & Cruiser brought us to another interesting point of discussion, with whom actually will the UM be positioned. Interestingly till now we have the Royal Enfield segment & then the Triumph, Harley, Indian Bikes etc. Inshort either we have the Royal Enfield(RE) or we have the ultra premium bikes. i.e. RE ends at around INR 2.5Lish & then we have the street at INR 5Lish a good amount of bracket exits wherein a bike enthusiast who recently got a job looking for alternatives to RE can be tapped. As a first timer, new to Job straight of out college won't be going and hitting the Harley Street at 5Lish. Well lets face it Indian parents won't allow him too, nor will the Indian Banks who won't give you superbike loan till you are 28.

So the middle class Bike enthusiast, first timers in the age bracket of 20-30years(rest remember age is just a number) are going to be the main beneficiaries of this alternatives.

UM is already in talks with banks like HDFC to facilitate loans (appx for period of 2yrs onwards) and 80% of the cost.

Unlike most players which take the CKD route, we remember UML stating of targeting 70% localisation; to start with they will be having 40%-50% localisation quotient and then increase gradually.

UM hinted on few attractions for the 2016 AutoExpo too, remember UM showcased its various models including the Renegade series to gauge public response.
Keep tuned with us, for the path of UM is going to be eventful & interesting and we will be there to cover it !
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