The Mustang II [ Concept it wasn't ]

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The Mustang II [ Concept it wasn't ]

Postby jskandhari » Mon Sep 23, 2013 5:59 pm

This Was the Mustang - But the press thought it was just another concept car!

The Mustang II Concept

Not only were the styling cues there - but this concept sat on the 1964 1/2 Mustang Chassis

This styling exercise had the press thinking maybe they will - when in fact it was.
Many of us weren't born when this Mustang was teased, and the media wasn't as big and large as today. Ford wasn't sure about the market of such cars in the era of wings, cruising was the norm not racing.

Due to which Ford tried out the Mustang I then termed as Mustang itself in 1962 - Rear Engined V4 competing with the Triumphs, MGs and Corvair Monza. But due to dud response from the public Ford management was all set to scrap the Mustang.

Meanwhile the Falcon received good response in 1963, and there on went to build the 4 seater unique styling Falcon platform car which turned out to be Mustang II.

So inorder to guage the public on this new Mustang Ford tried the teaser trick, by labeling this Mustang as Mustang II concept at a press event in the fall of 1963. Look closely and you will see how thinly disguised the real 1964 Mustang is in this car. Check out the grille, the hood, the sides, the roof line, the interior, even the body platform. What they actually were showcasing was slightly disguised actual production variant of the Mustang which everyone gauged to be as the Concept model.

And here is what the Magz had to say about it.

Car Life Magazine ran pictures of the "Mustang II" concept in their January 1964 issue, just 3 months before the real car bowed. They were quite enthused with the design.
Lee Iacocca was quoted as saying at the time; "Our preliminary studies indicate that a car of this type could be built in this country and sell for a price of under $3,000."

Car Life said that " . . . the Mustang II . . . with a little help here and there, could be a most attractive proposition."

Little was known that the best was yet to come.
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