International Series of Karting

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International Series of Karting

Postby Bharat » Wed Aug 12, 2015 8:03 am


Come 2016, another interesting event added into the list of college competitions, christened the "International Series of Karting". There are multiple events currently that allow engineering students to apply their theoretical knowledge and convert it into practical hands on experience.

This event, held by Mean Metal Motors, allows each college to have a team of 20-25 members. These members, come together to design and build a go kart, which they will then use to compete in a series of competitions to see who has done the best job. The event, certified by FMSCI is the first such go kart competition in India. The drivers from each team will be trained by certified drivers to ensure that there is less likely hood of mishaps while the driving tasks are underway.

Those who follow college level competition would know that there is normally a design event (Virtuals) to establish which teams are allowed to compete in the event however it is not present in this event. There is a rulebook which is to be followed which has all the important values that need to be corresponded to. They will use a 125cc engine which can be tuned by the students the way the want it to be tuned.
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