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#Ciaz & #Scross #LittleBirdy #News #MSIL

Postby jskandhari » Thu Jun 19, 2014 2:03 pm


If our sources are correct, we have learnt that the soon to be Launched Ciaz 2L heart is confirmed. Ciaz is said to be replacing the Sedan Segment of Sx4.

Meanwhile the actual Sx4 successor globally ( the one in India is the Sx4 Sport model globally & Sx4's main variant is Hatchback one). I you are following us you would be aware about the trace we have been running on this car since long viewtopic.php?f=27&t=1393&hilit=Suzuki+S+Cross and the hits it is getting in Europe. So seems MSIL has decided to bring it to India in its actual Hatch variant. Not much details have been divulged but based on what I have heard it will retain the same Sx4 engine options in India 1.6L Petrol will be the one to go for then most powerful in a Hatch in that segment B-)


Also hoping the Sx4 S Cross comes in all its glorry and gadgets as it is being offered in Europe.

To see our AutoExpo Coverage of the Launch Announcement download/file.php?id=5651&t=1
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