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Kadi - Advisory

Postby jskandhari » Mon Nov 18, 2013 9:15 pm

Disclaimer:-The view put forth here is what I've learnt, these may or may not be true. The following is being shared for information only, any judgement portrayed is purely personal.
Kadi Gujarat, google it up and you will come to know it is Cotton City of India. With the complete Cotton Industry setup present in the city. Apart from Cotton Industry you will find it also has Oil & Mineral resources (which apparently have been destroying the fields). The first Solar Panel plant project which came over the Canal & made National News.

Try to dig a bit more & other grim sides of news would come to light too. Man chopping of Cops hand, Hitachi Factory catching fire, Smuggled Kids from Rajisthan & likes.

Now comes the question, how did I come across Kadi, Gujarat & how is it relevant to TnP community. Well while looking for a ride, for one of my close friend. I discovered that cars from Kadi were dirt cheap while compared to avg. going rate. So I thought I need to dig deep and online world won't help as in news only things that are reported will pop up not the ones which aren't.

Then on calling up few numbers & local contacts, I found out that Kadi is like THE place where you can find all the under-the-table not legal activities happening, from Number plate changing pitty to high level ones. The first thing one advised me was to Get the Car Police Verification Done stating
" This car has not been involved in any illegal or unlawful activities "

:-\ Confused with what came out, my obvious question was, you mean getting the car history checked from service centre or Police Station :?:
They said, call as many service centres you like, they will tell you whether the car has been serviced or repaired officially, but all that goes around is not documented and nor is it via authorized route. Police verification acts as a surety and proof, if the car was involved in unlawful activity previously or is not what it was projected to be. So that if by any chance you have to visit court you can prove that you were not the owner for the time duration the car is slotted to be in question. :roll: Bonkers on this, I thought of sharing it out with others.
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