~ Driving in Metros ~

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~ Driving in Metros ~

Postby jskandhari » Sat Jun 09, 2012 9:23 am


:-& Anyone Stepping out from Small Organised towns or Villages will find the Metro a wired place, especially if you love your rides more than you love any living stuff surrounding you that makes you spend money unwillingly :cwink:


The biggest setback that a car lover will get the moment he steps in the Metro to live is - TRAFFIC and if it is Office hours add JAM to it. It might take you, upto an hour to travel 5 kms in office hours. If you have to survive in the concrete jungles, where emotions and value to human life is close to negligible.

Best Trick is not to accelerate hard for when you have to Brake, sudden braking would put you at risk from the rear end.

Try maintaining a distance from the Auto and Riskshaw people, but not enough to give them space to move around or a biker to come in between you and the other person.

Avoid Eye contact, even if it is the fault of the other person. Do your part to keep the road rage low.

Know your Lanes a KM before. First time would be hit and trail but keep your observations high. So that next time even if you have to go straight and their is traffic coming from left that will go right few mtrs ahead then pick your lane accordingly in-order to avoid yourself from getting in the criss cross flow. Pick your lanes and drive smoothly.

Stay in low RPMs just roll, on the go. IT will keep your FE high and avoid you stagnant time and probability of staying rolling is high. ( For instance my usual gear shift use to be at 2-2.5 back in my city once I entered metro it has dropped to 1.5-1.8 ). More than what is in front you need to keep a close eye on things which are behind you.

Never perform any action in a sudden and out of the blue as no one is having time to anticipate your actions.


Never Crib about fuel, remember you are driving a ride in metro, where most of it will be burnt while waiting for traffic to move so turn off your ride where and when possible.

Not to forget ICE is your best friend. i.e. Put the music on forget the world even if you are alone in your ride.
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